AMEF Online Healthines MP3 Archive



Dr. Steve Nissen discusses the newly revised Guidelines for the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease(MP3)

Dr. Ann M Bacevice discusses Pediatric Winter Emergencies (MP3)


Dr. Irene Katzan discusses Innovations in the after care of stroke patients(MP3)

Dr. Ronald Savrin discusses Better Perinatal Care in Ohio Through Quality Initiatives (MP3)


Dr. Kenneth Rodriguez discusses The Treatment of Sinus Disease (MP3)

Dr. Daniel Clair discusses Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms (MP3) 


Dr. Teresa Dews discusses Managing Chronic Pain (MP3) 

Dr. Bob Hostoffer discusses The Pollen Line (MP3)


Dr. Mona Orady discusses Minimally Invasive and Robotic Surgery Advances (MP3)

Dr. Douglas Rhee discusses Surgical Options for Glaucoma Patients(MP3)


Dr. James Sechler discusses Managing Obesity from a cardiologist's Perspective (MP3)

Dr. Tom Augustin discusses Diabetes and Obesity Surgery (MP3)


Dr. Joan Papp explains How Naloxone in the hands of family and friends can prevent death from narcotic overdose (MP3)

Dr. Ethan Leonard discusses Childhood Immunizations (MP3)


Dr. Fred Jorgensen discusse the impact of the Affordable Care Act on physicians and their patients (MP3)

Dr. Robert Hobbs discusses heart failure - What it Is and How It's Treated (MP3)


Dr. Carol Rosen discusses - Sleep Apnea in Children (MP3)

Dr. James Coviello discusses The History of the AMCNO and the 190th Anniversary of Organized Medicine in Northern Ohio (MP3)

Dr. Eric Ricchetti discusses Standard and reverse replacements of the shoulder (MP3)


Dr. Debra DeJoseph discusses the Importance of the Annual Physical Examination (MP3)

Dr. Katie Geelan-Hansen discusses The Tonsils:  Purpose, Problems and Treatment (MP3)


Dr. Richard Fratianne discusses the Advanced Directive (End of Life Care) (MP3)



Dr. Lawrence Kent discusses “Patient Satisfaction Surveys”  (MP3)

Dr. William Seitz, Jr. discusses Computer- Generated 3-D guided deformity correction in the wrist and forearm (MP3)


Dr. George V. Topalsky discusses the Shingles Vaccine – (MP3)

Dr. Brian Appleby discusses New Treatments for Alzheimer’s Disease – (MP3)


Dr. James Merlino discusses How to get Physicians Involved in the Patient Experience– (MP3)

Dr. Kenneth Woodside discusses Kidney Transplants for Patients with Well-Controlled HIV (MP3)

Dr. Julie Sterbank discusses The AMCNO Pollen Line. (MP3)


Dr. Anthony Post talk about New Treatments for Hepatitis C. (MP3)


Drs. Hans Luders and Jonathan Miller talk about Multiple Hippocampal Transection for Epilepsy Patients (MP3)

Dr. David Frid talk about How to Spot Bogus Health Claims (MP3)


Dr. Stewart Tepper talk about New Approaches for Treating Migraine Headaches (MP3)

Dr. Meagan Costedio discusses Removing a Colon and Non-invasive Colorectal Surgery(MP3)


Dr. Roseanna Lechner about the Basics of Back Pain(MP3)

Dr. Charis Eng discusses Genetic mutations associated with Cowden Syndrome  (MP3)

Dr. Donald Ford discusses Choosing Wisely for Better Health (MP3)


Dr. George Kikano discusses Telemedicine (MP3)

Dr. Sumita Khatri discusses Treating Adult Asthma (MP3)


Dr. Benjamin Walter discusses Braingate: Movement Disorders (MP3)

Dr. Michael Benninger discusses the Cleveland Clinic Voice Center (MP3)


Dr. Raed Dweik discusses Detecting heart failure using breath tests (MP3)
Link to Time magazine article with Dr. Dweik click here

Dr. John Santa discusses the Choosing Wisely Initiative (MP3)


Dr. Richard Figler discusses the Treatment of Concussions in Young Athletes (MP3)

Dr. Max Wiznitzer discusses Multiple Steps in Diagnosing Kids with ADHD (MP3)

Dr. Mikkael Sekeres discusses Redefining Cancer Care in a New Age (MP3)


Dr. Moises Auron discusses Bloodless Surgery(MP3)

Dr. Sree Battu discusses 4 ways to Improve Breast Cancer Rehabilitation (MP3)